Most Potent Cannabis Indica Strains

Cannabis Indica, commonly known as marijuana, originated in the mountain ranges in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Unlike Sativa, Indica is a more compact, thick-stemmed bush that grows to about two meters outdoors and gives a yield of about half a kilogram of product per plant. The varying quantities of cannabinoids in Indica, such as THC, CBD, and CBN, determine its medicinal and psychoactive properties.  

The G-13 is a potent strain of Cannabis Indica rumored to have been engineered by gathering the best strains from marijuana breeders worldwide. Being highly potent, this strain is recommended to experienced users. It provides a powerful, euphoric high that can warp the senses of space and time, encouraging heavy eyelids and is easy to melt into a puddle of bliss with small doses. The G-13 is also famous for the relief of debilitating symptoms such as loss of appetite, seizures, nausea, etc. This 22-24% THC level strain, is not recommended for those who want a big boost of energy or creativity. With an aroma of oranges, this strain is best for those looking for medical benefits. 

Another common strain is the Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), which has 28% THC making it among the most potent strains in the world. Originating from California, the GSC strain has remarkably grown in popularity due to its ability to send the user on a euphoric trip not familiar with most strains. With a 60:40 ratio of Indica to Sativa, GSC is also famous for its sweet and earthy aroma, its ability to relieve severe pain, appetite loss, nausea, and other medical ailments and aches. 

In 2003, Ken Estes introduced the Granddaddy Purple(GDP), which is a cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud. The GDP blooms in shades of deep purple with its Purple Urkle parent giving its grape and berry aroma and its Big Bud parent giving its oversized compact bud structure. This strain is most suitable for those looking to combat pain, stress, insomnia, appetite loss, and muscle spasms. Compounds in the GDP, affect both the mind and body and deliver a fusion of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation. The user’s thoughts may float away, but the body will be fixed in one spot for the duration the effect takes. 

From Barney’s Farm, Critical Kush was borne. The strain has high THC content and a moderate level of CBD content. Critical Kush is best enjoyed in the evening as it gives a pleasant wave of happiness, satisfaction, and positivity. As mainly a relaxation drug, Critical Kush can make the user sleepy, especially if used in high doses. This particular strain is unique as it makes one more social, joyous, and positive. It is also perfect for pain, stress, insomnia, and muscle spasms.  

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